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20-3309-1 Erie decapod 2-10-0 Russian Decapod Proto 2 - test run

MSRP: $999.99
Price: $749.95

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Manufacturer: MTH Premier
There are two reasons to put a lot of drivers under a locomotive. One, obviously, is to increase pulling power. The other is to spread out the engine's weight, allowing it to operate on lighter-duty track and rail. The "Russian" decapods were an example of the latter. During World War I, the Imperial Russian State Railways ordered 1230 locomotives of the 2-10-0 wheel arrangement from Alco and Baldwin. With light axle loading and tiny 52" drivers - about the same size as a typical switcher - these decapods were designed for moderate speeds on light and often poorly maintained track. When the Bolshevik Revolution overthrew the czar, the final 200 engines in the order were stranded in the U.S. Desperately in need of wartime motive power, the United States Railroad Administration (USRA) had the decapods regauged from five feet to standard gauge and allocated them to railroads throughout the east in early 1918.

While the 2-10-0 wheel arrangement was not especially popular in North America, the light-footed, nimble, yet strong Russian decapods proved ideal for service on branch lines and smaller railroads. Although originally allocated mainly to larger class 1 railroads including the Pennsy, Erie, Western Maryland, Southern, New Haven, and Atlantic Coast Line, many were later sold to smaller railroads where they became the largest motive power on the road. A number of Russian decapods served to the end of steam, and six are preserved today.

For a lot of action in a small steamer, add this vest-pocket decapod to your railroad. New for 2008, our model features the extraordinary detail you've come to expect in a Premier locomotive, plus all the features that make Proto-Sound 2.0 locomotives more fun to operate than any other engines in model railroading - including synchronized, puffing smoke with variable intensity; CD-quality sound; and Proto-Speed control for smooth pulling power at any speed from 3 mph to full throttle.
  • Die-Cast Boiler and Tender Body
  • 1:48 Scale Proportions
  • Die-Cast Metal Chassis
  • Authentic Paint Scheme
  • Metal Wheels and Axles
  • Constant Voltage Headlight
  • Die-Cast Truck Sides
  • Real Coal Load
  • Precision Flywheel Equipped Motor
  • Remote Controlled Proto-Coupler
  • Engineer and Fireman Figures
  • Operating Firebox Glow
  • Metal Handrails and Decorative Bell
  • Decorative Metal Whistle
  • Operating Marker Lights
  • Lighted Cab Interior
  • Operating Tender Back-up Light
  • Locomotive Speed Control In Scale MPH Increments
  • Proto-Scale 3-2T 3-Rail/2-Rail Conversion Capable
  • Synchronized Puffing ProtoSmokeT System
  • Wireless Drawbar
  • Proto-Sound 2.0 With The Digital Command System Featuring: Freight Yard Proto-Effects
  • Unit Measures:20" x 2 3/4" x 4 5/5"
  • Operates On O-31 Curves
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